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Day 2 – The Building

Welcome Back

Jordan O’Brien, Editor of Electrical Review, welcomes you back to day two of Powered On Live 2024.

KEYNOTE: Buildings of the future – how smart technology is transforming both our working environments and the way we live

Whether it’s modern forms of lighting, AI or the Internet of Things, our buildings are getting greener and smarter every year. But what’s in store for the future of our buildings as they continue to get smarter?

Bill Clee


Panel: The next frontier for LEDs & smart tech

LED technology has been widely adopted by consumers, but commercial properties continue to lag behind – citing the high capital expense to replace their existing lighting systems. But given the existing savings that can be made through the switch – what more can be done to speed up the transition?

Moderator: Dan Lister

Society of Light and Lighting

Matt Harwood

UKI Key Account Manager

David Hunt

Managing Director

15-minute break

Could hydrogen be the future of cleaner backup power solutions?

While energy storage has been cited as a potential replacement for diesel gensets, its availability cannot always be guaranteed. That’s why hydrogen could be the secret to the future of cleaner backup power.

Robin Futcher

Managing Director
Commercial Fuel Solutions

Lowering the TCO of your UPS

Find out some of the key considerations to make when it comes to lowering the total cost of ownership for a modern UPS.

Alex Emms

Technical Director

End of Powered On Live