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Powered On Live is a unique digital conference, designed to address the dynamic changes in the UK electrical industry. It extends the reach of the popular Powered On Podcast by bringing together industry experts and thought leaders in a live event format.

The main event, which takes place every June, is structured to span over two days, featuring in-depth presentations and panel discussions on pivotal topics relevant to the industry. These topics range from achieving net zero and the challenges related to it, to addressing modern-day threats such as cyberattacks and extreme weather events impacting power continuity. This wide array of topics ensures that there is something of interest for every attendee.

Powered On Live also provides a unique opportunity for attendees to engage directly with industry leaders. Participants have the chance to join in live discussions, ask questions, and gain insights from expert panels and keynote speakers. Additionally, for those unable to attend the live sessions, the event offers access to session recordings, allowing participants to catch up on the content at their convenience.

In previous years, Powered On Live has covered a variety of topics, including the development of the UK’s electric vehicle charging network, strategies for increasing grid resilience through energy storage, nuclear energy, microgrids, uninterruptible power supplies, and decarbonisation. These sessions highlighted the breadth of issues and innovations within the electrical industry, from high-level policy and strategy to specific technical challenges and solutions.

The event’s format, combining virtual accessibility with a comprehensive and varied agenda, makes it a significant occasion for professionals within the electrical industry to stay informed, network, and contribute to the evolving landscape of the sector.

And new for 2024, we’re bringing everything you love about Powered On Live and putting it into a bite-sized format, focusing on one particular facet of the electrical industry. Dubbed, Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future, this half-day event gives you an insight into how the industry is leading the journey to net zero and enabling a more sustainable future.

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Now in its third year, Powered On Live has a wide-range of sessions that are available on-demand. You can catch them all here.