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Introduction to Powered On Live 2023 from Jordan O’Brien, Editor of Electrical Review

KEYNOTE: What’s next for the UK’s power market in 2023?

Speaker: Dr Dan Atzori, Group Research Partner, Cornwall Insight

The UK has been experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis, with rising bills for many consumers. At the same time, the country edged ever-closer to becoming a net exporter of electricity in 2022 — so what does this all mean for the market in 2023?

Optimisation of Lead-Acid Battery Technology and Effective Use, Control, and Monitoring of Energy Storage Assets

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Verghese, Business Development Manager, EnerSys

Explore the latest advancements in lead-acid battery technology and strategies for effective use, control and monitoring of energy storage assets,  and hear how these technologies can be integrated into existing systems, providing a cost-effective and reliable energy storage solution.

 Discover the key challenges influencing industrial sectors, how advanced lead-acid technologies can be effectively deployed to meet a variety of application demands, and how environmental sustainability goals can be supported.

Panel: Has the windfall tax dented investment in renewable energy?

Chair: Frank Gordon, Policy Director, REA

Speaker: Gurpreet Gujral, Managing Director, Atrato Onsite Energy

Speaker: Tom Williams, Partner & Head of Energy Infrastructure, Downing LLP

Speaker: Dhara Vyas, Deputy Chief Executive, Energy UK

The UK Government announced a windfall tax on energy firms that made large profits on the back of rising prices, but could the new tax have a huge impact on investment in renewable energy within the UK?

15 minute break

Electrical Safety and Quality of Electrical Energetic and Industrial Installations; Ground Integrity, Grid Impedances, and Automatic Trip-out Ability

Speaker: Janez Guzelj, Application and Technical Consulting Director, Metrel UK Ltd

Speaker: Brendan Beaver, Sales Manager, Metrel UK Ltd

Speaker: Daniel Siefers, Technical Support, Metrel UK Ltd

Auditing and guiding competent responsible personnel are crucial for successful assurance of electrical safety and quality. Engineers need to react appropriately through the period of usage. Initial and periodical inspections, maintenance, and provision of electrical safety, arc safety, selectivity, and automatic disconnection in the event of a short circuit or failure are regular parts of predictive maintenance providing long term operability in safe manner. 

The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Modern UPS Systems

Speaker: Jason Yates, Technical Services Manager, Riello UPS Ltd

Exploring the potential cost savings offered by various UPS operating modes as well highlighting some of the latest advances in UPS and battery technology, including silicon carbide and other long-life components.

Panel: Building out the UK’s EV charging infrastructure

Chair: Jonathan Murray, Policy and Operations Director, Zemo Partnership

Speaker: Tom Callow, Head of External Affairs, myenergi

Speaker: Kester Jones, Connections Strategy Manager, National Grid Electricity Distribution

Speaker: Roisin Naughton, Principal Future Mobility Consultant, Arcadis

Speaker: Joe Beavis, Deputy Head, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

With more drivers than ever choosing to purchase an electric vehicle over one powered by fossil fuels, it’s important that the UK has a robust EV charging infrastructure. But what challenges does the industry face and how can it ensure a smooth rollout?

End of Day One