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Introduction to Powered On Live from Jordan O’Brien, Editor of Electrical Review


Paul Verrill, Director, EnAppSys

Understanding the current energy crisis, how long it could last and what it means for the electrical industry.

Decarbonising Energy – more than just renewables

Matthew Knight, Siemens Energy, Head of Market and Government Affairs

50GW offshore wind power by 2030 is a challenging target that will revolutionise the GB power grid, but what else is needed to decarbonise the energy system and how do we deliver at the speed and scale required?

Panel: Getting the grid ready for net zero, what challenges lie ahead?

Simon Orr, Net Zero Plan Lead, National Grid

Ita Kettleborough, Deputy Director, Energy Transitions Commission

Dr Laura Schade, Energy Engineer - Senior Executive Officer, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

The UK has committed to net zero by 2050, but is that goal really feasible? The electricity network is expecting an onslaught of new device connections, from electric vehicles to heat pumps. This has some worried whether the UK grid will be able to cope with the increase in demand for electricity alongside the need to decarbonise. What can the UK do to ensure that its net zero target stays on track?


15 minute break

Fire Safety

Martyn Allen, Technology Director, Electrical Safety First

The Grenfell Tower disaster woke up the world to the dangers of faulty electrical equipment, so how do we ensure this never happens again?

Arc Flash – Assessing the risks and mitigating the consequences

Jeremy Gadd, Owner and Managing Director, Covol Engineering Ltd

Electrical arcing (sometimes called a ‘flashover’ or ‘arc flash’), perhaps as a result of a short circuit caused by unsafe working practices, can generate intense heat leading to deep-seated and slow-healing burns, even if it persists for a short time. (HSG85)

Fireside chat: Is there a need for nuclear power?

Moderator: Jordan O’Brien, Editor, Electrical Review

Professor Gregg Butler, Head of Strategic Assessment at the Dalton Institute at the University of Manchester

Jonty Haynes, Senior Analyst, Regen

Kirsty Gogan, Co-founder and Managing Director, TerraPraxis

The UK currently leads the way in offshore wind capacity, but with the recent Energy Security Strategy, it seems that nuclear will be a key source of electricity for the country going forward. But with much opposition from environmental groups and even the Scottish Government, is committing to more nuclear power really the right strategy?


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