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Welcome Back

Jordan O’Brien, Editor of Electrical Review, welcomes everyone back for day two of Powered On Live.

KEYNOTE: Machine Learning, Smarter Grids and Net Zero

Jon Berry, Data & Digitalisation Manager, Western Power Distribution

Clever technologies using artificial intelligence are allowing the grid to operate smarter than ever before, opening up greater capacity than ever. Why is this key for achieving net zero?

Smart Grid-Ready UPS As Partners In The Energy Transition

Jason Yates, Technical Services Manager, Riello UPS Ltd

Learn more about Master+, a pioneering pilot project by Riello UPS in partnership with RWE that enables large-scale energy users such as data centres and industrial plants to rethink the role of their UPS.

The innovative concept enables organisations to transform their UPS systems into ‘virtual power plants’ that feed stored electricity back into the grid, resulting in enhanced system reliability, expanded battery capacity, and reduced running costs, as well as lower grid tariffs and the potential to earn additional revenues through frequency response schemes.

Fireside chat: Solving the energy and climate crisis through microgrids

Moderator: Jordan O’Brien, Editor, Electrical Review

Kayla Ente, Chief Executive and Founder, Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative

Darren Jones, UK Technology Manager, Hitachi Energy

Kas Mohammed, Vice President, UK&I Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric

Microgrids are going mainstream in 2022 and beyond, as business look at ways to minimise their impact on the environment, as well as ever-increasing energy costs. But what are the full benefits of microgrids and why are they so popular?

15-minute break

Why electric vehicles will be the gateway drug to energy independence and domestic decarbonisation.

Tom Callow, Head of External Affairs, myenergi

The UK has witnessed enormous growth in electric vehicle registrations, with the millionth new EV set to be registered this year. But what’s next for these consumers? In this session, Tom Callow, head of external affairs at myenergi,  looks at how driving an electric vehicle will, for many, be the entry point into electrifying and decarbonising their home.

Panel: Dealing with renewable energy's intermittency problem

Damien Kelly, Innovation Lead, Prospering from the Energy Revolution, Innovate UK

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangalist, Octopus Energy

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems, BEAMA

Caroline Bragg, Director of Policy and Research, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Naomi Baker, Senior Policy Manager, Energy UK

Intermittency is inevitable when a grid is full of renewables, whether that’s because the sun isn’t shining on solar panels or there’s a period of low wind in the location of a wind farm. Thankfully, there are technologies that are helping us combat that intermittency, whether it’s energy storage or vehicle to grid. But will these really solve the intermittency issues

Closing Remarks

Jordan O'Brien, Editor, Electrical Review

End of Powered On Live